November 15, 2021 By vitalpaws 0

10 Amazing Pet Keepsake Ideas

If your pet is no longer with you and you want to keep his memory always present in your daily life, here are some tips to achieve it. Meet these 10 Amazing Pet Keepsakes

1. Recycle their collar and name tag

You can place the nameplate as a keychain, as a pendant on your backpack, or you can place it on a stuffed animal similar to your furry friend, so when you see his nameplate you will always remember him.

2. Charms

It can be a little paw, a paw print, a little bone in case of a dog, a fish in case of a kitten or a feather for those who lost a bird together with its name and dates.

This item can be used in bracelets, pendants, key chains and more. It is a subtle, elegant and very representative resource.

3. Dog Tag Key Chain

These keychains are more personalized, with a symbol that represents the essence of your pet in life and an engraving with their name and dates.

4. Jewelry

There are many souvenir jewelry with subtle details that you can use. Such as rings with your pet’s name engraved on the inside or outside.

5. Accessory with their fur

It may sound eccentric, but there are many places that can make you a meaningful accessory using the fur or feathers of your dog, cat, bird or rabbit.

This is because after death many owners are left with a few locks as mementos, and these jewelry stores are a way to use them to keep them close.

However, it is always better to do it with the animal still alive.

6. Cremation jar necklace.

After the cremation, this necklace will serve to keep you close to your pet and remember him or her at all times.

7. Locket with a glass lens

In it, you can place a small lock of hair, a mustache, the ashes or feathers of your deceased pet.

8. Sticker

Keep your pet on your everyday objects with a representative sticker.

9. Personalized Mug

Have a coffee mug that you can use every day at home or at the office, with the image of your furry friend so you will always remember him.

10. Personalized phone case for pet portraits

Take the memory of your furry friend wherever you go, right on your cell phone, and no, we don’t mean the photo gallery but the cell phone case. In it you can capture the image of your pet, and have it always in sight and present wherever you go.