November 15, 2021 By vitalpaws 0

10 Amazing pet memorial ideas

One of the most difficult experiences in life is having to deal with the loss of a loved one, and that includes our pets.

The grieving process is painful but we can learn to cope better with some memorials for our furry friends who are no longer with us.

Here are 10 amazing pet memorial ideas you can remember your pet and keep their memory alive in your heart and mind.

1. Choose a piece or object to remember your pet by.

Your pet is irreplaceable, but a special object can help you remember him or her with love every day. It can be his favorite toy, his collar, or something that represents him.

2. Frame a photo.

Choose their best photo and frame it or create a collage of good times and put it in a place in the house where you feel they will always be present.

3. Order a portrait

It is similar to the previous idea but with a superior aesthetic. After all, it would be wonderful to remember him/her with more details that represent him/her.

4. Commemorate it.

Create a memorial event to remember him, you can do it with friends or in private, either going to your pet’s favorite place or eating his favorite human food.

5. Plant a tree.

If you have a garden, you can make a space in honor of your pet. Planting a tree or flower represents that there is life after loss.

6. Decorate your garden

You can create a space where there is an ornament or a stone with their name perfectly decorated.

7. A small statue

You can buy a statue of stone, wood or ceramic, as a detail for the mantelpiece of your home.

8. Personalize a keychain.

Whether it’s a photo, or a 3D plastic version of your furry friend, you can put it on your keychain and remember hi, wherever you are.

9. Jewelry

There are many jewelry stores that customize bracelets, necklaces, rings, earrings or key chains to commemorate pets. You can choose from different designs, and subtle details.

10. Create an online memorial

Currently there are several websites where you can pay tribute to your deceased pets, where you can leave their memory and share with other owners who are going through this stage of mourning.

We hope these ideas will help you deal with the loss you are going through and help you keep the memory of your furry friend alive.