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Dog Ashes Ideas – Ideas to Memorialize Your Dogs Ashes

It is unfortunate that people that do not have pets or have felt the undying love from their dog do not respect your feelings and understand how to help you grieve. We know that our dog is an important part of our family, and their memory will always be in our hearts.

The loss is felt, and you should allow yourself to grieve, however do leave time to think about what you would like to do with your dogs ashes – as once the moments passed and you haven’t decided to keep them, there is no turning back. For those that would like to hold on to their pets ashes, there are many ways in which to honor and remember your best friend.

Do not feel ashamed if you would like to hold on to your dog even after their passing, you are not alone, millions of dog owners hold on to keepsakes. It’s a healthy way to process your grief.

Scattering your Dogs ashes

Some people prefer to scatter their dogs ashes as part of the healing process and to give their pet a place of their own, usually a place where their dog loved. However it is important to know that each state has a rule about animal ashes and you should only scatter them where you are allowed to.

Planting a tree with their ashes

This has become a very popular way remember your pet – planting a tree and using the ashes to bury the initial sapling. This way the essence of your pet is intermingled with the ashes and the tree.

Containers for dog ashes

There are a range of containers for dog ashes on the market, from traditional Urns to custom boxes, from life-size ceramic displays to photo frame keepsakes.

Urns For Dog Ashes

Traditional urns are usually the easiest to get hold off and come in a variety of sizes and colours. These urns are simple vessels that can be placed in a place of pride or a safe location. These are usually cheap to buy and a fairly reliable way to store your dogs ashes, especially if you had a large dog.

Dog ashes box

Ash boxes are usually made of wood and come in a range of styles, from a memorial picture frame, to elaborate carvings and legends.

Dog ashes jewelry (Or Cremation Jewelry)

There is a large range of jewelry options on the market that can serve as excellent containers of dog ashes. They key here to remember they are only small so only a portion of the ashes can fit in them. Below are examples of Jewelry that can be used as dog ash keepsakes:  

Dog ashes necklaces

These specially made necklaces come with pendants that allow you to store a portion of your pets ashes in them. They come in a range of materials and designs, from sterling silver to gold to wood and even resin. A lovely way to keep your pets memories close to your heart.

Dog ashes bracelets

For those who don’t like wearing necklaces, ash pendants also come in bracelet configurations, allowing you to wear them easily, everyday.

Dog ashes rings

Ash rings are less common these days, however they are available in a number of styles, most will have a lift cap where you can store the ashes. Most come with some sort of inscription and are usually made of sterling silver, although there are usually other options too.