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Pet Cremation Urns

When your pet passes away, it’s like losing a part of your family. A pet is a loyal companion and it’s only fair to give him or her something special for the last time. As a show of appreciation for the years spent with a loving pet, nothing says he or she is special than a nicely crafted pet urn.

An urn would be the container for pet’s ashes.

Paws to Angels

Pet cremation urns are available for any pet type. There are costumed made urns for every animal type, including for your dog or cat. Pet urns are a nice way of giving back to your pets for the years you spent together. Why not splurge a little on something that would last a lifetime.

Pet urns can be made to showcase your pet’s legacy. You can choose from a wide range of urns. Whether it you’re looking for dog urns or cat urns, it should be as unique as your pet’s characteristics. You can choose from a simple wooden pet urn to a pet cremation etched marble urn.

Types of urns available

Customised Pet Urns

Pet urns could be customized by adding a nameplate to let everyone your pet’s name and a little something about them as well. Typically the nameplate is made of bronze and would be styled according to the design of the pet urn of your liking.

You can also opt to have a figurine placed on the urn to represent your pet. Lastly there are some owners who choose to place a photo frame. There are urns that feature digital photo frames that can show a slideshow of your pet’s pictures.

Life-Sized Urns

There are some that opt to have life-size pet urn and place it in their homes. These urns are hollow and are made of durable resins. You can have it customized to copy your pet’s appearance.

Traditional Wood Pet Crematuin Urns – Oak

Wooden pet cremation urns are a timeless, traditional memorial to your pet. These are made from solid hardwood and have a leaded brass nameplate centered on the front of the box to be engraved with your pet’s name.

Figurine Pet Cremation Urns

There are over 700 different types of figurine cremation urns available, there are dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, iguanas, ferrets and many many more!

Pet Cremation Keepsakes

This is usually a piece of jewelry with a screw bottom that allows you to install a small portion of your pet’s remains. This is a nice way to share the remains between several members of the family, or if you want to scatter the remainder of the ashes in a favorite place but still keep a small portion.

Pet Burial Markers

Pet burial markers are also available for those who choose to bury their pets, as well as pet caskets to place their pet in.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not sure how to organize a cremation?

Your local vet will be able to advise you on how to go about organizing a cremation. If the vet is not available, contact a local funeral home and they will be able to assist you.

What size urn should I order?

One pound of live weight equals 1 cubic inch. The urn should be larger than your pets total weight in cubic inches. A 49 pound live pet should have a 50 cubic inch urn.

1 pound (pet) = 1 cubic inch (urn)

What makes an urn an urn?

An urn is any container which feels is the best reflection of the personality and dignity of your pet’s life. It is best to ensure that the urn is tamper resistant and can’t be easily opened!

How big an urn do you need?

Urns are measured in cubic inches and a general rule of thumb is that if your pet weighed 30 pounds, you will need a 30 cubic inch urn. This will store the entire remains of your pet. There are also smaller urns available called

How do I get the remains into the urn?

The cremated remains of your pet will usually be returned from the crematory in a temporary container. This container is generally made of plastic, cardboard or metal and inside the container the cremated remains will be contained in a plastic gag fastened with a twist tie. The bagged ashes of your pet can then be easily transferred directly in to the urn as is.