October 17, 2021 By vitalpaws 0

What is Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling?

Whether your pet is aging, terminally ill, lost or stolen, placed in a new home, or has died, the end of this relationship can cause significant emotional distress. For many of us, pets have become family members.

When we face the loss of a pet we may experience a range of grief reactions.

This is both natural and necessary. Bereavement counselling can help you prepare for pet loss, understand your feelings and reactions upon separation from your pet, ease your emotional pain and support your grieving process.

Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling Services also offers support and consultation to veterinary professionals, whom bear witness to pet loss and client grief through the course of their work, leaving them at risk for compassion fatigue and professional burnout.

Support and education to veterinary teams can help enhance client service and the well-being and effectiveness of staff.

Pet Loss Bereavement Counselling Services provides the following:

  • Grief and Trauma Counselling (Current or Past Losses, Sudden or Unexpected Loss, Multiple Losses)
  • Helping Children with Pet Loss
  • Support Groups
  • Preparing for Pet Loss (Anticipated Losses)
  • Educational Workshops
  • Consultation to Veterinary Clinics and Mental Health Professionals