November 15, 2021 By vitalpaws 0

What to Look For in dog memorial picture frames

If unfortunately, your dog has recently passed away and you don’t want to say a final goodbye, you can immortalize it with a portrait that reflects how much it meant to you.

The way to create a simple but effective and meaningful memory is through a framed picture, where you can always remember him in his best moment.

In this post, we will tell you what to look for in a commemorative portrait for dogs to immortalize your furry friend and feel that he will always be by your side.

Choose the best photo of your dog

Choose a photo of excellent quality, well focused with high levels of color and detail that reflects to the maximum how your dog was in life. You can use a photo, collage or even a painting of your furry friend.

There are many websites that immortalize pets in an artistic way, portraying them with a specific painting style or as a renaissance painting, as a superhero or a cartoon, adding details that capture their essence.

Choose the most beautiful frame

In the market you will find personalized memorial frames for pets, you can look for the one that best suits the image you chose with the size and colors of your preference.

Add a dedication

In the frame, add your dog’s name, his birth and departure date, and a phrase that represents what he meant to you, how wonderful and joyful he was and how much you will miss him and remember him.

Also, if you don’t want to add so much text, you can add a special phrase, stickers, labels or any other related souvenir.

Locate the frame in an important place

You can put this frame on the wall, on the bedside table or in some significant place for your furry friend creating a memory point.

You can also place it on a shelf or display it in a prominent area of your home, next to his collar or favorite toy as part of the decoration, creating a meaningful but subtle memorial point.

And that’s it, in a simple and meaningful way you can create an excellent memorial for your dog, also, there are many websites that offer a high quality painting or portrait service for those who have lost their pets which make this process easier for you.

Keeping the memory of your dog alive is an important emotional support to overcome the loss, memorial portraits help to cope with the loss by keeping a memory that will allow your furry friend to stay present.